Category: Daily Create

  • Daily Create 3/12/24

    This is Kawhi Leonard. In my eyes he is the greatest basketball player to ever play. He is a two time NBA Finals MVP. He has carried teams from their lowest points and taken them to the peak of their career. He makes the players around him better as well. I used ScrapColoring to color…

  • Daily Create 3/14/24

    Addiction is something many people in the world struggle with every single day. This is when somebody relies on something for their every day life to go on. I am addicted to food. I could not go a day without food because I love it so much as well as you need food to stay…

  • Daily Create 3/13/24

    I wanted to make something visually appealing as well as simple. Every color you see in this picture is a shade of red, however it still has many patterns due to how different the shades are.

  • Daily Create 2/29/24

    All I did was type in “Kawhi Leonard”, my favorite NBA player and this appeared. Im not really sure what I am looking at here but it seems random. It looks like a collage of 4 random pictures. One of Kawhi shooting alone, a picture of just a bench, a picture of his coach from…

  • Daily Create 2/28/24

    What is more pure that Paul George’s dribbling. The way he is able to do the moves he does at his size is truly impressive and astonishing to me. He is smooth as silk.

  • Daily Create 2/27/24

    The postage stamp has been around since the 1800’s. After doing some research, a postage stamp can basically be anything. The only usage for postage stamps are as payment for mailing out items. Postage stamps are a major way that post offices make money. I made my postage stamp unique. This is former professional baseball…

  • Daily Create 2/23/24

    You may wonder what are they agreeing on in this handshake? I believe this man is introducing himself to this humanlike robot which is capable of assisting people over at Honda. This robot may be able to help during the Honda car making process.

  • Daily Create 2/20/24

    What is this man doing you may wonder? Is he happy? Why does he have headphones on? I am imagining he is a song producer from back in the day. In 1919, this man is producing his top hit “Nerf George Paul.” He seems happy that he found the right beat to back up his…

  • Daily Create 2/14/24

    Many people may be wondering what emotions Captain Felix is feeling. He looks like he just landed after struggling to find the runway due to the hurricane-like weather conditions in the area. He seems relieved after something catastrophic nearly occured.