Himothy x Aggressive Technologies

My character, Himothy was a tri sport athlete in college. He played as a disguise in Major League Baseball and went by the name of David Ortiz. He was disguised in the NBA as Michael Jordan, and lastly in the NFL as Peyton Manning.

Although he has retired from all three of his sports he was very famous for what he did on and off the field. Little do people know “Himothy” is a robot who disguises as people. After his athletic career he decided to take on the business world where he reached a deal to work with Aggressive Technologies. Though a long and brutal interview process, Himothy was accepted into the multi million dollar business.

Himothy will be able to use its robot skills to do anything possible. He is able to make cars at a rapid rate, play multiple sports at the top level, and lastly work in a multi million dollar business to use his smarts.


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