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  • Weekly Summary: (Week 12)

    I thoroughly enjoyed working on the video project for the past two weeks. I thought it was awesome how I could collaborate with Andrew Poon’s course character, Leo Storm. My course character Himothy and Leo had a great day together. It is a must watch. I have already started watching some of my classmates videos…

  • Daily Create 4/12/24

    I think this is probably what Eleanor Roosevelt was writing on her Post-it Note before saying this famous quote. I think this is a very inspirational quote as it allows people to get out of their comfort zone.

  • Video Project

    This project was awesome as I was able to be very creative and make a story for the day in the life of our AI characters, Himothy and Leo Storm. Andrew Poon and I worked together on this assignment. We used Audacity to make the audio clip and imported it into iMovie. We added the…

  • Daily Create 4/11/24

    The internet is one of the scariest places to be. Especially if you do not know what you are doing. With social media nowadays there are many creepy people hiding behind their screen due to the anonymity of the internet. As everyone should know, you should never put any personal information on the internet as…

  • Daily Create 4/9/24

    I made this on zazow.com. The first thing I did was switch my background color. I also switched the formation and visibility of my lines as well.

  • Weekly Summary: (Week 11)

    This week has been a joy. I really enjoyed being on the air and listening to my own radio show. I loved being in the discord and hearing what everyone thought about Himothy, Leo Storm, and Jonathan. I also loved hearing everyone else’s radio shows. They were all very entertaining and thrilling to hear. The…

  • Video Plan

    I am looking forward on working on this project this week. After doing some brainstorming I am not fully set on a plan. I have talked to another classmate about working together to make a video of our AI characters hanging out. I would love to see Leo Storm and Himothy hanging out on a…

  • Listening Party

    I decided to listen to Pop Perspective. I found their radio show very interesting. I liked the way that they including background audio into their show at points. As well as the way they placed their advertisements. Listening to their advertisements were awesome. I found them funny and it was a good way to break…

  • Daily Create 4/5/24

    This is a baseball card that I made. I had some trouble with making this document using safari, so I used trial and error and Google Chrome worked much better for this site. I found this daily create very cool as anyone can find this assignment fun and useful.

  • Daily Create 4/4/24

    I think this image is pretty funny. I think it would be funny if everyone in the class received a participant handbook. Everyone is a winner in DS106, here’s a participation trophy!