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  • Weekly Summary: (Week 12)

    I thoroughly enjoyed working on the video project for the past two weeks. I thought it was awesome how I could collaborate with Andrew Poon’s course character, Leo Storm. My course character Himothy and Leo had a great day together. It is a must watch. I have already started watching some of my classmates videos…

  • Daily Create 4/12/24

    I think this is probably what Eleanor Roosevelt was writing on her Post-it Note before saying this famous quote. I think this is a very inspirational quote as it allows people to get out of their comfort zone.

  • Video Project

    This project was awesome as I was able to be very creative and make a story for the day in the life of our AI characters, Himothy and Leo Storm. Andrew Poon and I worked together on this assignment. We used Audacity to make the audio clip and imported it into iMovie. We added the…

  • Daily Create 4/9/24

    I made this on The first thing I did was switch my background color. I also switched the formation and visibility of my lines as well.

  • Radio Promo

    This is my advertisement for my radio show, “Three Point Chatter”. I used Canva to create this advertisement. Himothy, Leo Storm, and Jonathan are the AI characters that will be discussed during this radio show.

  • AI Image Generator

    Aggressive Technologies, please consider incorporating this tool into your database. This is an AI Image generator. All you have to do is type a description into the text box and an image will appear. For example, if I were to say “show me a picture of a donkey and a panda playing basketball” the picture…

  • Moon Graffiti

    After hearing this audio I was thinking about how tragic that would have been. The clip of them talking to each other before they are about to land and then going to the fake “news network” after a fatal crash landing. You can hear beeping which seemingly sounds like the shuttle is malfunctioning before hearing…

  • Radio Bumper

    This is a catchy radio bumper that people will remember due to its beat. Eventually when people initially hear the beat they will know exactly what channel is playing.