Weekly Summary: (Week 14) + Video Project

For this week our main goal was finishing this video project. It was great to work with Andrew Poon and Andrew Johnson. Collaborating with Jonathan and Leo Storm once again was amazing. I think they are a great addition to Himothy. After working on the radio show with these partners I thought it would be nice to run it back with them because we worked so well together. I am excited to hear what everyone thinks about our video. For this assignment we used the voiceovers on iMovie. Since we are not able to work on iMovie on multiple computers, we just used Andrew Johnson’s computer. We ran into some issues during this assignment due to the audio. There was multiple overlapping with the audio’s as well as lost audio. We had to do multiple retakes when doing this. Another issue I ran into was uploading this video to my computer. Due to the file being so large, I will link Andrew Poon’s assignment where the video is linked.

In the end it was great working with these partners. We worked through our issues in a timely manner through our busy schedules to get this project done.


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